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Be an impact in the next generation of collegiate athletics.

Innovative NIL Company:

A Minneapolis-based NIL collective focused on helping Minnesota athletes monetize their name, image, and likeness.

Our Approach:

Minnesota NIL was created with three key goals.

  1. Empower athletes to maximize their value through strategic and NCAA-compliant partnerships.​

  2. Provide businesses, organizations and fans with a platform to connect with athletes, students and alumni.

  3. Let us do the heavy lifting in forming partnerships, allowing student-athletes to focus on their education and sport.

Our Why:

We are proud to be from Minnesota, and think that there is no better place to learn and grow. Many followers of the athletic teams have championship dreams and spend their hard-earned money to watch athletes go into battle. Unfortunately, very little of that cash goes to the players responsible for the generation of that revenue. Minneapolis is a beautiful city booming with local and international businesses that can help these college athletes receive fair compensation for their hard work and bring our teams to the forefront of college athletics.

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Where does the money go?

We strive to provide the largest amount of money raised to the athletes. To sustain operations, we need to take 10% from all contributions to cover a few costs. This 10% will allow us to develop amazing opportunities for our athletes and partners, and community.


Student-Athletes and Charities


Infrastructure and Administrative Costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of contributions go to the athletes?

90% of contributions go to the athletes. The remaining 10% is used to cover overhead costs relating to IT, legal, event coordination, and bookkeeping. Finances are regularly reviewed to ensure the funds are being used to the greatest benefit of athletes.

Are contracts with athletes exclusive?

No. We do not believe exclusive deals provide the greatest benefit to athletes, and our goal is to help athletes maximize their value through a variety of creative partnerships.

What types of deals does Minnesota NIL help activate?

The opportunities are nearly endless, including autograph signings, private meet-and-greets, social media promotions, youth camps and clinics, radio and television commercials, charity events, and many more. NIL activations are a collaborative effort between the athletes, Minnesota NIL, and contributors.

What are the limitations on NIL deals?

Athletes are prohibited from promoting alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, political causes, pornography, gambling, betting, or any other causes that represent their school, team, family, or self in a negative light. There must be a quid pro quo between athletes, businesses, and individual contributors.

Does the Collective offer agency or advisory services to athletes?

No. We are strictly an NIL company that offers assistance with the mediation and facilitation of deals between athletes, businesses, and individual contributors.

Is this Collective associated with the University of Minnesota?

No. We are not associated with the University of Minnesota, Minnesota Athletics, or Gopher Sports Properties in any way. The University is prohibited by NCAA policy from facilitating third-party compensation for student athletes through NIL contract.

Can I work with specific sports or athletes?

Monthly subscribers can note any sport that they would like their contributions to go towards. For information on specific athletes, please fill out the form on the Contact page of our website.

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